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For over a month now, I have been plagued by an invasive Desktop. I have no idea who has placed this deskyop on my computer, but I really want to delete it. How can I get rid of this nuisance?


  • Simon
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    Can you be a little more specific?  


    What is displayed on this desktop?


    Can you switch back to your usual desktop?


    Does this happen every time you start Windows?  What happens when you reboot?


    Have you received any error messages from Windows, or any other messages from f-secure?


    If you could provide us with a screenshot of the rogue desktop, that may help us.

  • The desktop is constantly present on the computer. It is apparently exactly as if another computer on my network posted a desktop to my computer- the only problem is that there isn't another computer on my network. The desktop name is now shown as the name of my computer. It seems that the same invader has taken over control of my WiFi router!

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,676 Superuser

    So, the "invasive" desktop is identical to your usual desktop?  


    Can I  just confirm that we are talking about the same thing?  So, you mean your desktop, as in your "Home" screen with all your icons on it?


    Can you also confirm that this is a Windows PC, and which version of Windows you are using?


    I don't really have any idea what might be going on, but have you run a full virus scan with F-Secure, and possibly another product such as Malwarebytes, to eliminate anything nasty in your system?

  • The desktop is separate from my physical (electronic) desktop, but appears as the name of my computer on the display 'About Windows 10'. It is an indication that some person other than me has control of the computer! I have run every safety and security device to try and remove it with no result.

    In order to try and get rid of it I reset my computer, which removed the 'desktop', but, the moment I connected to the Internet, another 'desktop' arrived!

    It seems that my WiFi router is compromised, but that is another problem.

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,676 Superuser

    I'm not being funny, but are you sure you are not seeing one of the virtual desktops now built into Windows 10?



    If it's not that, then I suggest that you Contact Support by Phone or Chat and see if they can help.

  • No. It's not the Windows facility, although I didn't know about it until your post, thank you!

    I have tried to remove the desktop, changing 'permissions' and the Windows firewall, to no effect so far.

    I am now convinced that the answer lies in the invasion of my WiFi router, when I regain possession of that, I can reset my computer to delete the invading desktop.

    Thank you for your interest and helpful dialogue.


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