l'estensione del browser non è istallata ho non è attiva ,vado a controllare e questa e spuntata cosa si può fare


  • Näsäviisas
    Näsäviisas Posts: 784 Superuser
    For notice Fabfour

    F-Secures Help Forum is English.
    So, could you send your question again, please.

    With respect
  • Näsäviisas
    Näsäviisas Posts: 784 Superuser
    Hi Estensioni!

    You have sent a new post, but I could not find it here in Community.
    It is lost?!? But then I used first time Googles translating - and it works!
    In English sortly:
    Browser extension is not installed or activated.
    I recommend for you to take contact F-Secure customer service,
    and then choose your country.

    English speaking person

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