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last night i had a fairly catastrophic motherboard failure so have had to go out today and buy a new laptop. i had the 1 licence version of Freedome and want to transfer it over but cannot acces the original purchase order or activation code as that is locked in the emails on my old dead computer. can i do anything about this short of buying another subscription?




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    So, if your experience not about webmail (where possible to get web-access and re-check letters) or some tricks with hdd/sdd (?!) from your previous computer:


    -- maybe possible to try contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat/phone):

    // usually available at noted time under page; but time to time also available with unexpected(?) random hours;


    With all available information (which possible to recover) and re-ask them to restore your activation code (or re-create fresh letter with activation code to your mail-address from purchase information -> if still possible to get access to this account);

    Or maybe F-Secure Support will do some other certified advices.



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    Thanks Ukko i'll try them tomorrow





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