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Hello All,

A few days ago I was using Safari browser on an iMac( 2016 version running Sierra) when I had to fight for control of the mouse. It seemed there was a remote user fooling around with the browser opening menu items, checking out bookmarks inthe favorites bar, and even deleting a bookmar and closing a tab. I was able to close all open applications and shut down the machine. I waited and then rebooted and everything seemed back to normal. I did a complete scan and nothing was detected. How can an intruder get in the machine undetected like that? It only seemed to affect the browser. 


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions);


    Also I'm not friendly with Mac/iOS platforms - so I not sure about many of points, but I just briefly search web by some words from your situation;


    And if it was not a random (even not sounds like this) -> maybe good to doublecheck about potential installed addons/extensions or applications (or just some other scans - if Mac platform able to do with trusted on-demand scanners, as example); Or re-check some system's settings;


    At least, possible to get an answer about your ask:

    How can an intruder get in the machine undetected like that? It only seemed to affect the browser.

    with many different words.


    As example, some articles/pages about abilities (which can be used for such view); Maybe most of them should be known for you (and some of them about 'conceptions' only). From certain malware to 'valid' installed application or addons/extensions (under system or browser); Also some default(?) features like remote control by iPad/iPhone; OR certain features under Mac/iOS design;

    But probably all of this with limitations like: you have to do so; or someone - who able to use your device/network; With other meanings -> it should be something what security software should to detect (and if it undetected.....maybe possible to investigate it more);



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    Thank you. I ended up calling them and the support representative said to uninstall it and reinstall and do a scan. So, I am doing that. Thank you for your advice.

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