Best Buy Website is blocked by freedome

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Does anyone else have issues with the BestBuy site being blocked.  I can get to it by using https but it does a redirect to https for or


I am sure this is by design, but it is annoying to always have to remember to enter https in the address.  Is there a way around this?


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my ask:


    --> but which certain URL is blocked?

    if this is not about your noted URLs;

    and how it visible? Blockpage by Freedome or something else?


    Because looks like that F-Secure SAFE with Browsing Protection module (Freedome should also use it) do not rate main bestbuy-domains as harmful(?! on current time) or suspicious; But my browsers automatically do the switch to "HTTPS" by default (but for F-Secure SAFE there should not be any difference between HTTP or HTTPS for being blocked);


    If your experience about "Tracking protection" -> do you mean that such action break the website?


    Or what certain trouble with such situation?


    // partly related topic (partly concerned bestbuy too)

    // General tips for re-rate false-positive ratings for websites; if there is something else - possible to try direct F-Secure Support Channels (if will be stuck with proper view about next steps);

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