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I currently have 7 licenses, and I need 8 of them. I haven't found an option to buy just one more. Do I really have to buy package of ten to get to my goal? That way I'd be wasting money on 2 licenses I wouldn't even use.


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    Hi Haldamir

    So, you need one more.
    1 new license.
    Where you are going to buy a new one?
    - Google Play webshop?
    - on F-Secures website?
    - from reseller?
    I am sure that some kind of solution will be find.

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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions);


    I able to think that possible to try contact direct F-Secure Support channels (chat/phone) and ask about such ability:

    But as my own unofficial suggestion/feelings (under spoiler some meanings -> but as I noted after spoiler: not really useful words.. mainly):



    If you do not mean that this article is valid (but option for "one else PC" is not available)..... probably I able to think only about potential workarounds like purchase another subscription/license for one device only; With my own experience if we choose "buy" under next webpage: (called as "Internet Security", but online store call it as "F-Secure SAFE for all platforms"): we able to choose "ONE" device subscription (€49.90) compare to F-Secure SAFE "1-3 devices" (€59.90);


    Only as potential workaround for situation if F-Secure Support do not create/explain any proper steps to do things... which you want.

    I able to think that previously (at least) there was option to "add one else PC" for renew state;

    // later edited:    ^ my unofficial suggestion not really useful; because I re-read your tries.. and looks like that package for "ten" with less price than "your current seven-package + package with one device" (except potential 'one more device' for current subscription as bonus or something like that); So.. probably required to ask F-Secure Support for certified answer. Maybe this is technically possible (based on this article - but where explained 'upgrade' from five devices to seven devices; which indeed possible to do);

    Or as noted with another reply -> situation can be based on certain setting;




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