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Dear all,


I am trying to configure Emule to have it in "High id" when using Freedome VPN. I read this article:



It seems in some location, it is not possible to make it work. However, I choose another location (Switzerland) but still, my Emule is staying on "Low id" which is not convenient at all.


Without Freedome activ, the High id is working perfectly well so I assume my Box is well configured (firewall, NAT/PAT, etc). As soon as Freedome is turned on, it is no more working.

Any help?



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    Hi Zadih,


    Could you try the other locations apart from Switzerland (which are not mentioned in the article) and see if it works?


    If you are still having the issue, please contact our suppor team via phone/chat to troubleshoot further.

  • Zadih
    Zadih Posts: 7 Explorer



    Yes, I have just tried 5 or 6 other locations... What are the port which are open with F-Security? I have tried different option for UDP and TCP port in the Emule configuration, but none is working...

    If no one can help me (I am really not a specialist), I will contact the support, thanks for the advise.


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