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goanna Posts: 3 Observer

Instead of disactivating Freedome every time we need to use OpenVPN to connect to the office,

you could provide an option, where we can specify IP addresses that bypass Freedome.


We forcible know either the IP or hostname for the OpenVPN connection.

Freedome would then route all traffic to your servers, excepte for the IP/Host specified.


The would be great help.





  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi goanna,


    We have the 'Apps bypassing VPN' option but it is available only in Android version of Freedome. May I know what OS are you using?


    If you are looking for using multiple VPN products at the same time, this article might provide more details for you.

  • goanna
    goanna Posts: 3 Observer



    The OS is Windows 10.


    I had already read the article you mention.

    OpenVPN is not another VPN like Freedome. It provides a secure VPN tunnel to a specific host.

    For remote office connection, as an example.



  • goanna
    goanna Posts: 3 Observer



    Thanks for the reply.


    Will wait for a feature improvement.



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