Overly aggressive site blocking?

Seem to be getting an over-ambitious screening of sites.  Are you sure resy.com is a “Harmful Web Site…” worthy of blocking?  I thought it was a restaurant booking app like OpenTable??





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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their Home Solutions);


    With my own experience (F-Secure SAFE technology preview) -> this URL marked/rated as suspicious-page;

    Based on something -> Freedome blockpage do not trigger different words/reasons for suspicious-rated and harmful-rated websites;

    As potential workaround (or useful step): transfer URL directly to F-Secure Labs with F-Secure SAS:



    where possible to check 'I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results'-option and choose related categories like "Harmless website is blocked; f/p"  -> "Freedome" (or "Freedome related trouble" -> "Harmless website is blocked;f/p");

    it can be also useful -> because you're able to provide mail-address and receive response from F-Secure Labs (maybe with explanation for suspicious-rating);


    I able to think that can be many possibilities for such rating (from 'only random' based on autoanalysing to 'previously suspicious activities' under domain/service);




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