microsoft have stopped my f-secure how do i get it to work again?

how do i get my f-secure to work again tried everything


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Can you explain a bit more?


    How is it "not working"?  Are you getting any error messages?  What happened immediately before the issues started?


    When you say you've tried "everything", what exactly have you tried?

  • suzytoshoes
    suzytoshoes Posts: 2 New Member


    microsoft updated  and since then  my f-secure keeps coming up i am not properly covered, then  windows 10 have put a security  on without me knowing  so i have tried  to get f-secure to work  i have even  removed f-secure and re-installed it  , but still says the same , the only thing i can see is windows 10  firewall  is stopping  it but not sure as i have tried to stop that but f-secure is still not working properly,  any ideas would be helpful      Suzy

  • Jenki
    Jenki Posts: 4 New Member
    Can you disable Windows Defender manually? What happens.
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