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I have three machines with Windows 7 SP1, x86 and x64, all German language, all in one Windows 7 home networking group and wired to a DSL router.

I setup latest F-Secure beta on one the machines.

I was not asked which type of Firewall rules should be applied. After connecting to shared folders of that machine failed I checked the firewall settings and they were configured for "office" - why that? It's a Windows 7 home networking group. F-Secure should detect that.

Next level of confusion: I finally found that firewall setting, changed it to "Heim" (home) and bummer, still no connectivity.

So I check help. Another level of confusion: The explanation of "Heim" doesn't mention windows home networking. And the official Windows term "Heimnetzgruppe" is not found in the HELP


So last step I changed setting to "Datei und Drucker gem" (perhaps the term is longer but text is cut) and now it works.

But I feel F-unsecured because I don't know if this means allowing too much.

Very bad and scary user experience.


  • Pawel_Smotrys

    I do have similar problem. While FW rules are set up to "home" I cannot use mi WiFi printer, but everything works perfectly while i choose "normal" FW profile.

    I think that network printing and file sharing should be enabled by default in "home" profile.

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    nothing to worry about or to be scared. If you look into the ruleset definitions you see the exact meaning of each and everything is explained in the (online) documentation.


    Office is a ruleset that you should use in an office environment where you find servers.

    Home should be used at home, it has some more rules to allow needed services because you have NO servers.

    both profiles do not allow any inbound traffic, so if you want to share files and printers you need to open more of the firewall and allow inbound traffic to that PC offering the shares.


    BUT: yes you open some ports that malware often uses to intrude a PC.


    BTW: Windows Networking is pretty complex. you might need to use this profile for all systems, otherwise they will not beable to negotiate the master broswer (-> google).




  • [Deleted User]
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    You need to create a firewall rule to allow the network traffic required for Windows 7 homegroups.


    Here is a step-by-step guide:


    Best regards,

  • MJ-perComp
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    If IGMP is needed for Win7, then it should be added to the rule for "inbound Windows networking" in the "file and printer" ruleset by default!






  • Jarkkomyllys



    hmm... what am I missing here...? logged in but could still use some more steps in th step-by-step.

  • pusaqall
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    Same here. I am always using the normal mode instead of home. It works better for me especially since I have other machine like a scanner and printer.image

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