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FS Protection for MacBook 2008 works exceedingly well in Safari Browser with the FS Plug-in installed. The problem is that the Safari Browser for Mac leaves an enormous amount of information to be cleaned by CCleaner. The Opera Browser for Mac leaves very little information to be cleaned by CCleaner. Problem is that FS Protection slows page openings to a crawl in Opera. Please make an FS Plug-In for Opera.


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their Home solutions);


    By "FS Plug-in" -> do you mean Browsing Protection extension? If yes...

    I able to place/ask about potential temporary workaround (before any good official answers):


    --> Does Opera for Mac is also based on chromium/webkit/blink-core (as Google Chrome)?

    How it can be with Windows-platform (as example);


    --> If yes: maybe you're able to try use "Chrome"-extension for Opera (?);

    For stable-build's Help/Documentation (for Mac-platform):



    Maybe with FS Protection: this steps can be valid too (maybe with changes about 'folders');

    With another meanings: good to receive official response (except that "Opera is not officially supported");


    But why do you think that with "FS Plug-in" - Opera able to work more good? OR does FS Protection indeed create troubles for browsing with Opera? If yes -> maybe good to create ticket/report under beta.f-secure.com portal;



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    Thanks for the link to chrome ... all good !

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