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I have both products installed on my equipment and wondering if that's a bit of overkill. I have a longer time left on Freedome. When Safe comes to an end should I renew

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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their Home Solutions);


    I able to think that official meanings/design -> this is not an overkill;


    Based on points, at least, that F-Secure introduced/launched certain package F-Secure TOTAL:


    This type of solution (package/subscription) include both SAFE and Freedome;

    If you have reasons for using both software -> maybe good option to switch (by some steps?!) to F-Secure Total (it should be ?! with less price ?! compare to situation when you purchased F-Secure SAFE and F-Secure Freedome as their own subscriptions);


    Trouble can be that there is not friendly design for switch from Safe/Freedome to Total (but possible to do it smoothly with some of situations);

    With general meanings:


    F-Secure Freedome is VPN software/service which allow for you to get "security"-layer under unprotected-public Wi-Fi networks (as example) or other networks. This is kind of 'protection/prevention' against some of things.

    OR give for you ability to connect to virtual location; This is can be useful with some of situations;

    Additionally Freedome provided "Browsing Protection" and "Tracking Protection" as options; This is already security features for browsing; With mobile platforms (Android?!) there can be additional points;


    F-Secure SAFE is security software which give for you advanced antivirus protection (not just as on-demand scanner, but real-time protection with advanced technologies/designs); And Browsing protection with some layers and meanings; This is also with "parental control"-abilities (like content filtering/device limits); And some other tweaks for mobile platforms (Android with certain features; iOS/Windows Phone as SAFE Browser only);


    Between SAFE and FREEDOME only "Browsing Protection" can be potential overkill; But only under Freedome - because SAFE already provide blocking against harmful/suspicious-rated pages (and Freedome's feature is overwritten);

    So -> this is different things and good to use both types of software (if required to use VPN-applications; because security solutions like F-Secure SAFE more often important under system);


    With my own suggestion about "renew Safe" -> this is based on difference between Safe and Freedome subscription's time;

    If Freedome will be active just some more time... maybe it possible to use Trial time for F-Secure Total (Safe-part) or other alternatives. And when Freedome subscription also expired -> purchase F-Secure Total; But I not sure about price's points. So maybe this is also should be with re-check before decision;


    Also possible to check such page:


    Sorry for my reply.



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