Renewal special price offer on Mac more expensive than standard price

tasaista Posts: 14 New Member



The renew subscription on Mac seems to be broken. It offers the renewal on special price which eventually becomes more expensive than the standard price. Is this right?


The flow goes like this:

- 21 days left on subscription, problems in connecting (Freedome mac 1.19.3659.0)

- restart Freedome

- subscription expired note. Special offer popup

- link takes to US store (the computer is in Finland and set to location to Finland with language English)

- 5 devices for 13 months $59.99 one-time charge

- subscribe button pressed

- price becomes $77.72 (0.45e/mo more expensive than the standard price via F-secure website Finland)

- I bought the 12 month, 60e standard price and lost one month in the process


I was not the only user who experienced this price change issue.


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