F-Secure FREEDOME and ssh.



I make ssh connections out to aws instances and alike often. When I start F-Secure FREEDOME my ssh session is killed and I am no longer able to make an outbound ssh session.


Nmap reports that the ssh port of the server is down, if I stop  F-Secure FREEDOME the port is reported as up so it's definitely dropped but the tunnel coming up.


I guess its expected behaviour to drop the ssh sessions then the tunnel comes up because all traffic is rerouted, but not being able to reestablish through the tunnel is annoying.  


Can I create a permit list or similar? Is this a bug or expected behaviour?


Vitals: macOS Sierra, FREEDOM Version 1.19.3659.0




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    Freedom wants to see a fqdn I was using an IP address. Still drops the ssh session when I start Freedom but that is to be expected. 



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