F-Secure Freedome with MacOS High Sierra 10.16 beta (release 17A358a) crashes system

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I have Freedome installed on my mac and participate in the beta program. After the latest update my machine showed this behaviour:

Start - Login - [crash/logout] - back to Login window. Repeat.


I am aware that product support isn't available on beta platforms but I want to make you aware of this. I can't paste the crashlog as it exceeds the character limit and can see no way to attach the file but I have linked to it here:  https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ah0nyZJiT6YIgc5JntUYzpTRP1dsMw


I'm happy to try out a beta-version of Freedome  if you think it will fix the issue.




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    Thank you for your report. I passed it internally to be checked.
    Beta version of MacOS are not supported with Freedome. 
    We will only officially support High Sierra 10.13 from its official release date.


    I'll check internally to see if we will have any Freedome beta program for mac starting soon and get back to you.

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    There are currently no beta planned for Freedome on MAC. 

    I'll get in touch with you via PM to investigate better your report.

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