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I had f-secure previously, but I didnt renew it. I started studies this week and noticed that our school had an offer for f-secure total. I bought it through the link for 3 computers. After paying it (f-secure site) gave me a page where I had to create a new account for f-secure.


The issue is that both of my emails are already used as f-secure account (one is for my mother´s account) . So now I have paid the price for the product, but can not download it.


I tried to use the chat tool at ~17.15 but didnt got an answer. How can I download the total product? All I have is the reference number & invoice. No product key...


Help appreciated!


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    Based on your description -> most useful steps are:


    --> time to time check ability to contact F-Secure Support Channel (chat/phone):


    --> OR create another mail-account under some of services (or try to use "aliases"-feature under your current mail-account); and then use it for fresh "My F-Secure Account" as part of registration for your certain package (certain page where you have to create a fresh account for F-Secure);

    Because for download F-Secure Total (F-Secure SAFE and ability to download F-Secure Freedome VPN) required to login under My F-Secure Account portal; Or to use credentials for account during installation;

    So -> if you subscription based on certain 'promo' and should be connected with certain account -> most likely required to create another mail-account OR contact Support for sort situation properly (based on your situation);

    But not known for me about 'setting' - so I not sure (with another meanings)... how it can be handled if you have only "reference number & invoice" (?!), but account did not created yet. 



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