Banking protection - blocks for download for some e-mail accounts

Hi  i'm using F-secure Safe fully updated.

Until recently I never had problems with Banking Protection and the use/download of E-mails via Outlook 2016.

But now, without any change in setting in Outlook and F-secure some of my e-mail accounts are constantly being blocked when Banking Protection is active in connection with an open browserpage accessing e.g. my online bank.

I have quite a lot of e-mail account from different hosting companies in my Outlook - and the blocking is not consequent with blocking one of the hostingcompanies - some but not all account can be blocked from one hosting company  - and it can vary from time to time.

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Stig Tange


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    this situation (or related with this meanings) discussed under community time to time. But I do not remember proper official response or 'sort-steps/explanation" about it.


    My own feelings -> that it wrongly work. And maybe required to contact F-Secure Support Channel (chat/phone):

    Just as try to investigate your experience.


    Also you able to try play with "Do not interrupt my active Internet connections"-feature under Banking Protection settings;



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    Hi Accountant,


    Could you please let us know which version of SAFE are you using?


    We are aware of this and a fix was released last week for this issue. Did you happen to see this block after any update with F-Secure? Do you still have this block to download emails when Banking Protection is on?



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    I have been seen this for several months before I wrote to this forum

    I'm using F-Secure SAFE 17.0

    Common Component Framework 2.93 build 171
    CCF CUIF 10.11 build 268
    CCF DAAS2 1.10 build 705
    CCF Guts2 2.10 build 163
    CCF Upstream 2.03 build 177
    CCF Diagnostics 9.05 build 415
    CCF Network 1.04 build 266


    All updated all the time -


    the last week I have switched off the use of banking protection completely - and it seem as if it has worked - at least almost. The problem with connecting to the email accounts are completely gone.


    Though, I still have the problem that my computer are loosing the LAN connection for some seconds (5-30 seconds) and then the connection is reestablished by it self. I have other devices connected to the LAN, without F-secure SAFE - and I have no such problems at those devices. This issues occured very often when Banking protection was on - that could be several times pr hour and I got the impression that the more active I was on the LAN the more often the disconnection occured.

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    An update
    After my reply yesterday, I swicthed the Bank Protection on, and also indicated that existing internetconnections should be keept open when Banking Protecion was activated.

    The result are that my e-mail accounts are not able to be syncronized due the F-secure are bloking the connection to the servers - And my LAN connection are being swithced off and on on an iregular basis. it is turned off from 3-to 45 secunds whereafter it is switched on again - and this is not connected to wheter the bank-protection is active or not.


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    Thanks for the update, Accountant. However, based on your information, this needs support intervention in order to troubleshoot further.


    Please get in touch with our support team via chat or phone to analyze this.

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    Thank you,

    I will do this on Monday



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