How to watch American Footbal

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Good morning everybody,


does anybody know if I can watch the american football using freedome?

...and witch channels should I use?


Thank you in advance for your help.





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    F-Secure Freedome is VPN software/service which allow for you to get kind of "security"-layer under unprotected-public Wi-Fi networks. It will be a trouble to "sniff" your traffic" (but maybe possible with certain hard tricks);

    OR ability to connect to virtual location. As result -> websites/services (or other) able to think that your system/browser/you from this virtual location (based on IP mainly); It possible to understand that there is "VPN"-traffic and detect your 'real' location (based on some things); Or just check your location on things more than IP; 
    Also it possible to detect that there is "VPN"-traffic and restrict your connection to certain service. For example, based on difference between your "system's time and time which expected for your virtual location"; Some services do not expect "VPN" (or other tools/software/technologies) under their terms.


    Do you mean that some sport events not possible to watch in Canada or Danmark (as example)? And possible only to watch it in US-cities? If so -> potentially.. you able to use F-Secure Freedome as related virtual location and such step able to create 'trick'; But what about "channels" or so -> I not sure. If you mean "servers/virtual location" - so this is based on restrictions under "service where you planned to watch event";

    If you mean "TV-channel" (or so) -> this is based on your own "feelings" (since Freedome do not provide any channels/streaming videos?!);


    But you able to re-check Freedome page and description:


    Sorry for my long reply. Maybe good to receive more proper and official response; Or suggestions from more experienced users!



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