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I live in Norway using Freedoome with protection on, location Norway and I'm logged in

However, when I do a Google search from Firefox search bar or open a new tab to search or highlight a text to do a search it goes to, very annoying.

When I turn protection off and try again it goes to Hope it was understandable.

What to do?


  • Ukko
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    I have related experience (time to time).


    With F-Secure Freedome and Norway location --> usually Google switch their default things to Svenska; Mostly I able to see it with "Google" advertisements or prices;


    // but if you mean that "turn off" Browsing Protection (but not Freedome fully) will helpful with your experience --> maybe there is something else (but I did not check with my own experience about disabling only BP or Tracking protections feature);


    I able to suspect that such situation based on point that F-Secure Freedome used certain ?! server's provider for VPN locations from Sweden. And this company able to provide Sweden/Norway/Danmark (?!) locations (IPs) to Freedome.

    Or... this provider can be one of some providers.


    For example, F-Secure Router Checker:

    Able to show proper Norsk IP, but also Svenska locations for ISP;

    I did not re-check current situation (my experience based on some of previous months);


    I not sure about potential reasons OR does it work as designed/expected, but you able try to contact F-Secure Support Channel (chat/phone):


    And ask them about this concern. With my own experience - it was not useful, but maybe you able to explain more properly.


    Also maybe with workdays there will be official response from F-Secure Team or F-Secure Community Managers.



  • Jhja
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    Yes, with the Protection On and Location Oslo router checker tell me i'm in Sweden.

    Protection Off (app still open) it shows me my real DNS ip and ISP.

    Edit: After I have turn the protection off and on a few times search now goes to even with Protection On.
    It would be nice to have it more stable.

  • Ukko
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    @Jhja wrote:

    Yes, with the Protection On and Location Oslo router checker tell me i'm in Sweden.

    Protection Off (app still open) it shows me my real DNS ip and ISP.



    About "Protection Off" -> yes.. if we talk about main large "circle"-button (or state under tray-menu) --> when Freedome with "OFF"-state -> will be your IP/DNS/ISP information (since Freedome VPN do not active);


    By "Browsing Protection" I thought about certain feature (second tab under Freedome UI); It possible to use Freedome VPN with disabled "Browsing Protection" (ability to block malicious/harmful/suspicious-rated pages);


    So -> your experience situation should be valid for my experience too;


    I able to think about potential workaround as "re-connect" to Norsk location.

    I tried (some minutes before this reply) and hit was about proper "server's provider" (Blix Solutions AS); But as I noted with my previous reply -> some months before and practically each time -> it was about Svenska (?! ISP and things redirected to svenska stuff); Even it was with ?! normal Norwegian IP (!?);


    I able to suspect that F-Secure Freedome able to have some 'servers' for their VPN-locations (Oslo as example) which provided by different trusted providers. And with Norway-location it can be such 'strange' stuck based on certain ISP provider (for VPN location);


    Not sure -> about any valid workarounds (except, reconnect to Oslo and check if it will be another result); And basically such situation looks as unexpected and not as designed, but my own try to contact F-Secure Support about such concern was not helpful. But I feel that this is can be only "brief useful" step.

    Since official response under community maybe comes only with workweek-days;


    Sorry for my large reply! Smiley Sad




    // noticed your "edited" information after created my reply. looks like that potential workaround with "reconnect" should work. but, yes, good to know proper clarification from F-Secure Freedome team about more "stable fix" for such meanings (or explanation - why it not possible to fix or should not be fixed);

  • Jhja
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    "Browsing Protection" (second tab under Freedome UI) is 'On' all the time.
  • Näsäviisas
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    Hej du i Norge!

    What is homepage in browser (Firefox)? Is it
    Is it about language? If you speak Norska, you understand Svenska.
    I assume so, because I speak Svenska and therefore I understand Norska.

    Med hällsning
  • Jhja
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    Yes, I understand Swedish but this is a English forum.
    I have many tabs as homepage, but that's not the issue.

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