Renewed multi device license on the iPhone, how do I 'restore purchase' on the mac?

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I've happily run freedome on mac, ipad and iphone for a year. a week ago, paid anew for another year. how do i 'update' on the mac side - there is no 'restore puchase' there. and the 'code' i have since initial subscription 1+ year ago seems invalid. 




  • Laksh
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    Hi dkmj,


    Based on your post, did you purchase the app store license or the multi device license for Freedome? If you have purchased the Apple app store license, it cannot be activated in Mac as that is valid only for iOS devices. This article describes the Freedome subscription options.


    Please check your current purchase to confirm if this is an app store or a multi device license.






  • dkmj
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    since asking the question, i understood what you are telling me. but I am bummed. since one year ago, from the computer, i'm  bought a multi client license. then, early august, someone (f-secure or apple?) started pestering me about re-newing, and then i did, under my assumption that i'd continue as before? but now I am more limited? is there a way to back off my app-store payment for ios only and get the same deal I had for the previos deal? or do i need to renew mac side separately, to a higher total cost? if so, really bummed.


    understand most of the problem lies with Apples 30% tax but still, information was not clear, i might have paid for a non-complete inferior version of license that does not fit me well. should i look for alternative providers? maybe.

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    Sorry for my reply (I'm also only F-Secure user); And for my unofficial suggestions.


    Maybe you able to contact F-Secure Support Channels (chat/phone):


    It can be useful with next meanings:


    --> they able to provide certified help and check status of your subscription (subscriptions?!);


    --> they able to create proper advices about "cancel your 'mistake'-subscription and renew your multi-device license" (if there was trouble about this state);


    --> also they able to re-check "why renew did not comes as 'certain' renew" (if there is "switch" to another package or type-of-subscription);



  • dkmj
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    first Time ever for me, I asked for a refund from iTunes Store, and was awarded Smiley Happy


    As soon as money is back in my back account, I will order bundle from f-secure instead. Mac and iOS license. 


    The resubscription emails from end of July were devious...




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    Appreciate the update, Peter! Good to know the result and thank you for your patience.

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