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I live in Spain and can get BBC iplayer with no issue on my laptop but on the android I can't even get the app as trying to load it from google play store it won't even show me the app. If I can bypass it by a direct link to the app, it says not available in your country. I'm probably doing something wrong but it would be handy if I could get it on the android. 

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  • kilrailkilrail Posts: 3
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    Thank you but surely the whole iea of Freedome is to bypass the "available in your country" issue. I can quite happily using Freedome get iplayer on my laptop with no such message. What I really need is the apk and I know why now from another site. Google play store your details so irrespective of what vpn you use they will know you are not in UK.

    I've found a fix and a place to download apk so should work.


  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,431 Community Manager

    Hi kilrail,


    Based on the faq here, it might be restricted to a specific country and that might be the reason for the download error. Please have a look at the faq from BBC iplayer's page which has more information.



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