The correctness of Russian translation


In the russian translation of the program after 100% completion of operations for full or custom
(computer, folder, file) in the program window the message "Scan stopped"
replace with "Scan completed" or
"Scan completed successfully".
It would be more correct,
because the scanning process was completed independently and has not been interrupted (stopped) by the user ahead of time







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    Thanks for the feedback, Stalker67. I have passed it to the SAFE team to have a look.

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user;


    Does it indeed with such view about your experience?

    After any (?) of scanning (one file, as example) it show "Scan stopped" (but not "Scan completed")?


    Also - do you mean by "Custom scan" certain option as "custom scan from UI" (or context-scan by rightclick or Virus-scan)?


    What version of F-Secure SAFE installed? Because I tried (just for interest) re-check with some of localizations and looks that there is can be proper wording;


    But I have experience about latest F-Secure SAFE 17.0 - where Full Scan time to time 'randomly' stopped (not by me -> but scan is 'canceled' -> it visible under log-file -- scan report);

    Maybe if there is latest F-Secure SAFE -> your experience about certain trouble with scanning (?!); Or if previous SAFE builds -> maybe it already fixed with recent ones.



  • Stalker67
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    Hi. I mean, any kind of scanning (quick, full, custom), from the context menu or from the panel of the board of the program if it fully completed without any interruption (stop, pause, cancel) the user should see the message "Scan complete" or, even better, "Scanning completed successfully". I don't know how it looks in other languages, I'm just talking about the russian translation.

  • Ukko
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    Just as note -> I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions; so this is just my own unofficial suggestions);


    Yes, I understand concern about trouble with wording when it "fully completed", but there is "Scan stopped"-state;

    And I re-check with some of localizations (including Russian language) -> where it was normal view about "Scan complete" (not "Scan stopped") with Full Scan/Quick Scan and with context-scan from rightclick context-menu;


    I did check with latest F-Secure SAFE 17.0 (where dropped "Custom" scan from UI -> Tools-panel);


    But I have experience when scanning (based on something) just stopped/canceled not by me (kind of internal trouble during scan);

    And I did not remember what state was about "Scan Wizard" (stopped or completed); So -> maybe there was certain trouble (bug?!) with your experience.


    I not sure - if it was fixed based on "action" by Laksh (F-Secure Community Manager) and fix by F-Secure SAFE Team, but I able to think that maybe it was with proper view previously too. Just with some of certain situations -> there can be broken scan process. If not -> good that it already fixed so promptly! Thanks.

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