No connexion IP v6, ISP... ?

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Good afternoon,

I have just bought Freedom. It is working fine with my mobile. Good !

It is not working with my PC (Win 7) : The connexion refuses to turn on. The result is : check your IP v6 trafic is enabled. I checked my box and I can confirm IP v6 is enabled. My ISP is Orange (France). The box has two IPv4 DNS addresses but none for IPv6. I cannot add address for IPv6 (nor change it for IPv4).

Would you have any suggestion to help me, please ?

Many thanks for your help.


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    Sorry for my reply.


    Do you able to re-check such topics:

    where also noted Knowledgebase article;


    Can some suggestions from topics be valid for your situation?

    If not -> maybe there will be other suggestions from more experienced users or attention from F-Secure Teams.

    And sorry if I wrongly understand your latest part about box's DNS (and if this is certain troublestuck);



  • Marcury
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    Hi Ukko,


    Thank-you for your answer. These solutions are not working.


    I founded a site to test my IPv6 connexion ( I give you lines returned by the test :

    - Pas d'adresse IPv6 détectée

    * I can translate as : No IPv6 address detected

    - Il semble que vous n'êtes capable que d'aller sur la partie IPv4 de l'Internet seulement. Vous n'êtes pas capable de visiter des sites qui sont seulement IPv6.

    * I can translate as : It sounds that you are only able to surf on the IPv4 side of the Internet. You are not allowed to visit sites that are only IPv6.

    - Votre serveur DNS (qui peut être chez votre FAI) ne semble pas avoir un accès IPv6 à Internet, ou il n'est pas configuré pour l'utiliser.

    * I can translate as : Your DNS server (that can be at your ISP) does not feel to have an IPv6 Internet access, or it is not configuered to be used.

    - To ensure the best Internet performance and connectivity, ask your ISP about native IPv6.


    The last item returned is sadly explicite.

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