F-Secure SAFE removes files automatically that the user want to keep.



When I wanted to use a file, F-Secure SAFE removed it automatically and created problems for me. 

How can I get in control of what the program shall remove or not. 


Previous versions of F-secure had a function where the user could decide what to do. I can't find where I can tell F-Secure SAFE that I want to decide what to do when it finds anything suspicious. 

Of course I want to decide what shall be removed or not. I think that there should be a function where the user can tell F-Secure SAFE what it shall do when it finds anything, before it removes the item. 

There could be different options like:

  1. The user can decide if the file or program should be unharmed. 
  2. The file or program will be moved to the quarantine for further actions. 
  3. The file or program should be removed automatically by F-Secure. 


I know that it's possible to exclude files for automatic removal but in some cases it's not possible to know that F-Secure will do actions about something before it does it. So it should be very good if the user could prevent this from happening. The user should be in control of unexpected actions like this and not F-Secure SAFE.


Maybe I have missed where I can find the function, but I have searched a lot for it (in the program, on the web, F-Secures homepage) and I can't find it. 

One solution is to shut of F-Secure SAFE so it can't remove any files when the user want to do anything that can be suspicious for F-Secure SAFE, but then the user is vulnerable for attacks of course.


I'm very grateful for information about how I can solve this problem. 

I don't want to change Virus and Protection program because of this but if I can't find a solution I will probably do it. 


  • Kris_RC
    Kris_RC Posts: 2 New Member

    I myself wish to get an answer and/or solution for this aswell.

    The function to decide for myself where the reason I left AVG and joined F-Secure. Now when this option is gone, I will have to demand a refund and go somewhere else.


    Sad really to remove choice, it's a good way to lose customers.

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,634 Superuser



    I'm also only F-Secure user (their Home Solutions);

    Sorry for my reply and good if there will be official response.


    I able to think that such changes comes with meanings:


    -- usually only malware/spyware/adware/riskware should be detected as such.

    But, yes, there can be false-positive situations (probably this is a reason for this topic);

    And maybe certain type malware or spyware (riskware) handled with different view.

    So, basically... "designed" situation is "F-Secure detect/remove? only 'real malicious files'";

    And with this point... such "autodecision" quite OK (except some potential situations - if F-Secure indeed removed/deleted file from filesystem totally);


    -- because when F-Secure have to prevent/block/hook access to file while user thinking about action - most likely there can be some troubles, limitations and strange situations (or incompatibility with system);

    I able to think that with your situation potential workarounds:

    --> unqurantine file (restore file from Quarantine -- 'Application and File Control');

    And it will be excluded;


    --> transfer certain file to F-Secure SAS:


    Will be useful for all other users.. if there false positive;


    --> exclude certain folder/destination from which you want to launch 'suspicious files' (more good than fully disable F-Secure);


    Also - I not sure that this is can be useful, but you able try to contact F-Secure Support:


    Because I able to think that "what if technically possible to tweak F-Secure installation about such options by certain user's steps" (I mean not by UI or default settings).


    With other meanings... maybe sounds as "ability to run malware under system" (which sounds strange - even F-Secure should to protect system against malware); But yes, false-positive situations and so... worst!



  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Sadly in some ways, the way many security products are going is to remove certain aspects of control from the user.  This is because many users require a simple, "invisible" solution that doesn't keep bombarding them with popups asking them to make decisions they don't understand.


    But, there are also many users who do want more control over their AV products, so I can empathise with both sides.  One solution might be to have the choice within the product, so that users can either trust it to do it's own thing, or be able to switch to an 'Advanced Mode', or such like, so that more control is reverted back to the user.

  • Kris_RC
    Kris_RC Posts: 2 New Member

    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Set it to default that the AV takes care of it hidden. But also add the option to change that, thus supporting both worlds. I really don't wish to change my AV again, but they are forcing people with these kind of changes.

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