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I can't sign in to freedome after installation in windows 10 or android. I have f-secure total subsciption active. It only shows "error 500" after i en ter my credentials. I have tried the reinstallation of freedome that didn't help. What can i do to fix this?

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    Sorry for my ask.


    But does it possible to login under My F-Secure Account portal with any of browsers?


    If possible -> and portal should work for you... sounds as there some certain trouble with application's abilities (since different platforms with your experience trigger "error 500") - maybe you able try to contact F-Secure Support Channel for proper investigation: (when available);

    Or maybe official response or suggestion from more experienced users comes under your topic (later);




    // also - does your Total-subscription from F-Secure directly (or from other providers)?

    Since -> I recently trired fresh Freedome installation and it was with abilities to choose operator/provider of subscription. While -> I have only subscription from F-Secure (Total): I tried to login under some of third party providers with random credentials and it also switched to  'error 500' (probably?!) - even expected some words about "wrong credentials";

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    Hi Laksh,


    Yeah. Now sign in works on each of my devices.



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