Bullet-proof security for child's web browsing and overall mobile usage with SAFE

Timo80 Posts: 1 New Member

With current SAFE solution, you as a parent can set up content filtering for your child's web browsing. This is otherwise good, but works only with F-Secure's own Safe Browser. As we all know, children are smart, so it's only a matter of time when the child uses Chrome, Firefox or some other web browser.


For eliminating the possibility for our children to see harmful content as search results, or by using for example Youtube, this could be solved by adding a new feature to SAFE: app blocking. A parent could select from the device's (Android and others) app list, which ones need to be blocked / content restrictions where this is possible.

One example already about this: Norton App Lock (https://my.norton.com/Mobile/AppLock).


This can be clearly seen as a part of overall security system like SAFE is, not a separate app. Please develop this urgently, and you'll have all customers with children satisfied.