Finder does not locate/lock

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I have gps on, wifi, mobiledata -on . I have "on green" the find, lock, alarm on SAFE app. I go onto and choose the android icon, click locate, and round the circle goes until it says  perhaps the phone is "turned off" (it's not).


  • Ukko
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    Maybe there is certain trouble with F-Secure SAFE Finder feature;


    Recently created topic --> also about potential related description (but where possible to 'locate', but not possible to 'lock' device):


    Where was only some unofficial suggestions (and feedback did not comes); With your situation -> what if something preventing to load/get information under portal-website (or kind of this and it trigger 'wrong' suggestion about 'phone' is turned off);


    Do you able to try contact F-Secure Support Channels and ask them for certified help with proper investigation?



    Or if not -- maybe later comes reply/response from official F-Secure Staff/Team under community;



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