F-Secure and GlassWire

I just uninstalled the f-secure(FS PROTECTION) and when I wanted to install it during the f-secure installation process I got an alert for Glasswire.
FS asked me to remove it! so have to uninstall the glasswire(which I don't like) and then install the F-Secure.
it's not only about glass wire this issue exists for many privacy and security software.
Pls, fix it many thanks.


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user; So maybe there expected normal official response.... and maybe indeed can be reply from F-Secure Staff/Teams (but I decided to place my own suggestion for situation - if it will be not like this);


    By ""alert for Glasswire"" - do you mean "Notification that detected not compatible (or so) software"? Where "Glasswire" (firewall?) marked as not compatible software with F-Secure solution installation (?!);


    If yes -> it can be expected and as designed (compare to other ""many privacy and security software"");

    So, fix can be for situations... if such software not detected as "potential compatibility-trouble";


    But if you are sure that "Glasswire" (or other) is compatible with F-Secure solutions ->> probably there can be "other" kind of fix; You noted that your license (?!) expired for FS Protection... but based on words from beta.f-secure.com portal (if it not "refreshed" automatically based on this meanings) you able to re-apply your contibution; Or kind of this... as quote says:

    You may rejoin if you think you can still contribute.

    And it possible to create something like "report" about such situations (where "Compatibility"-check marked software wrongly as not compatible with F-Secure);

    Basically -> such software can be "compatible" with most of time or about most of features - but JUST POTENTIALLY there can be troubles; And usually good to choose just some of security/privacy software (which possible to set up as different layers of protection);

    And usually this is only as recommendation (than strong rule); But more often reasonable and useful one.


    You able to re-check such articles and suggestion/opinion from other community users (or official F-Secure staff):


    -- As knowledgebase article with common/general words:



    -- As opinion from experienced user with meanings about reasons to use 'other' security software:



    -- As kind of 'official' words from F-Secure Team and experienced user:


    With your certain example - maybe - possible to do workaround like: install F-Secure as first solution;

    Then install Glasswire; If you want to run them both;


    Sorry for my reply.





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    Hello and thnx for the answer mate!
    "Glasswire" is compatible with F-Secure because it's only a simple firewall and fs don't have the stand alone firewall so it should let me install it btw it doesn't matter I can first install the f-secure and then install my firewall.i just wanted to report this issue.

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    betoche wrote:

    Hello and thnx for the answer mate!
    "Glasswire" is compatible with F-Secure because it's only a simple firewall and fs don't have the stand alone firewall so it should let me install it btw it doesn't matter I can first install the f-secure and then install my firewall.i just wanted to report this issue.



    F-Secure created statement about using third-party firewalls:

    Online F-Secure Help/Documentation for their solutions


    As quote (under spoiler):

    The product is designed to work with Windows Firewall. Other personal firewalls require additional setup to work with the product.
    The product uses Windows Firewall for basic firewall functions, such as controlling incoming network traffic and keeping your internal network separate from the public Internet.
    In addition, DeepGuard monitors installed applications and prevents suspicious applications from accessing the Internet without your permission. If you replace Windows Firewall with a personal firewall, make sure that it allows incoming and outgoing network traffic for all F-Secure processes and that you allow all F-Secure processes when the personal firewall prompts you to do so. Tip: If your personal firewall has a manual filtering mode, use it to allow all F-Secure processes.

    Ability (?) to install F-Secure (as first solution; and then Glasswire) mostly based on points that:


    --> F-Secure run Compatibility check during installation;

    --> F-Secure did not run such checks when it installed already (like re-run compatibility check before any other triggers as upgrade/reinstallation);


    With my own experience (I used some of third party firewalls with F-Secure or just as solution):


    ---> some of them was a reason for BSOD (happened - when there installed both F-Secure/third-party Firewall); But later.. this firewall was a reason for BSOD (even there is not installed something else);

    ---> unexpected situations (for both of solutions); Not only "F-Secure" with troubles, but also F-Secure create some troubles for third-party firewall features. And so;


    I not friendly with "Glasswire" - but I search it under (community) and there was such topic:



    Where it marked as reason for BSOD (while this is not clear about... does there any connection with F-Secure Freedome as their VPN software or not);

    I able to think that there can be normal situation and good if there will be proper attention from F-Secure Team (as re-check... if compatibility-checker should detect it or not);

    Just potentially -> even there only "firewall" - it can be with different meanings about unexpected result;

    Since it can be not only "compatibility"-trouble with F-Secure, but also with system; Or even "own trouble" under firewall-software and so; If we exclude all other words about F-Secure network usage (and so); 



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