Re: Anti-Malware-support

Hi gys!

This new forum, actually communitySmiley Happy  is pretty nice indeed! While browsing I noticed some issues but you most probably know about them. And sorry if this is the wrong topic, but I could find another one to post it. So the F-secure logo on the top of the page does not redirect to the homepage and while I was logged off I still could see details about other users' activity when I clicked on their profile name.

Again, congats for the good work! Smiley Very Happy


  • AniaC
    AniaC Posts: 275 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi nikols,


    thank you for the feedback and comments. We have now created this new feedback board where your post fits perfectly.

    About the logo and activity details - thanks for noticing, we are now taking care of this.


    We are glad you like the Community! You are most welcome to return and post more.




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