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How do I extend the virus scan past my C drive so that it scans my D and M drives?


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    Do it manually. If you have windows PC,
    in settings you can pick manual checking and the drives.

    Here is an instruction with more information.

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    If by "extend the virus scan" you mean "perfom scan for other drives" -- most likely there next meanings:


    --> So called "Virus scan" is a brief-check about places/destinations - where most likely can be troubles; Like active malware or so;


    --> For detect "not active" malware (or kind of this) under system; Or as scanning for full drives:


    --  DESIGNED steps: there possible to launch "Full Scan";


    ^ under this help you have to use steps about "Full computer scan" (Main UI F-Secure SAFE -> 'Tools' tab -> Scanning options -> Full Scan);


    -- OR you able to "choose" drives under Explorer (like target files) -> rightclick and choose context-manual scan;


    -- ALSO there is "real-time scanning" - which scan all (?) drives at access or activities;


    -- ALSO possible to configure scheduled scan;


    -- MAYBE if you want certain "virus scan" (or certain options) - maybe you able to use commandline scanner as "task under system" with certain configuration; But this is not common steps;


    Sorry for my reply.



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