green checkmarks all over my firefox 5 web pages



  Just to let you know. those green checkmarks all over my web pages, specially email pages are very aggrevating and makes the web pages horrible. also makes the web pages a lot longer and hqarder to use,


 My sejession would be to stop green checkmarks, and ONLY use red checkmarks on bad or dangerous links or pages.

this would make a nicer look, less aggreavation, and less interference on web pages, specially web emails.


the green checkmarks are even on each saved email shows green checkmarks.


 remember many use netbooks, tablets, etc and need each web page as short as posible



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  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,101 Superuser



    those checkmarks are only shown for links that do NOT belong the same server the page is on. Ifyou do not want them turn them off in the settings This would not have influence on if you are allowed to surf to them.




  • benitezbenitez Posts: 3

    A suggestion, you could try a more conservative approach by default.


    For example, default behaviour could be to only show checkmarks for search results from pages like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

    Then a more secure approach or setting could be the current one where it shows the marks under the same conditions in all pages.


    I feel it's a bit too much to see checkmarks all over my emails at Gmail, it would be less intrusive to only flag the dangerous or suspicious links. With the current popularity of web based email clients it can get a bit excessive sometimes.


    Just my two cents.

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    not displaying the "green" checksmarks will safe space on the display but not loading time. The check towards thr real time network has to be done in any case.



  • ellenellen Posts: 2

    " If you do not want them turn them off in the settings"


    How do you do that? I've looked all over.

  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,101 Superuser

    Remove the check-mark in front of "show reputation in results of search engines" (translated)



  • ellenellen Posts: 2

    OK, this worked. The details are:

    1. Open the settings

    2. Go the Internet / Browsing Protection

    3. Unclick the options under "Show ratings for" - there are 2, one for search engine results, one for links in email

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    Thanks a lot, ellen. This guide works for me.




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