Connectivity between own Freedome clients through VPN

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Does your service offer private subnet for each account allowing client to client connections or is it restricted to connections between client and server only?


I have CCTV IP cameras at home and I would like to be able to keep one VPN connection open from my home computer to your server all the time. If so, I would like to see live video from my camera I would simple connect my android mobile phone to your VPN server and access my home camera's through my home computer's VPN connection.


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    Hi clust,


    Freedome does not offer private subnet for each account and this type of connection you explained is not possible.


    As mentioned in this article, Freedome creates a secure, encrypted connection from you and your device to the F-Secure Cloud. It protects your connection in the Wi-Fi network by making your data unreadable for outsiders. 

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