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Ok, I renewed subscription and a message kept appearing saying I was not protected. So, reinstalled F secure having removed previous version but new message appeared saying there is no internet connection (there is) b. Not sure where I went wrong.


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    Do you talk about F-Secure AV/IS/SAFE or indeed about 'F-Secure Freedome'?


    With any of meanings -> you able to try next steps:


    --> Re-check that "F-Secure" uninstalled (based on system Control Panel - list of installed software);

    --> If it listed -> uninstall by default steps;

    --> Restart system;

    --> Then you able try to use F-Secure Uninstallation Tool:

    It also valid for Windows 10;

    --> And try to install F-Secure solution else one time;


    // F-Secure Uninstall Tool able to uninstall also other F-Secure solutions (if it installed):

    So - good to be sure - that all "license-subscriptions"-keys/credentials is known for you (if there installed Freedome or so --> but your stuck about F-Secure SAFE/IS);


    You able to try this steps... as first try (what if it can be useful); If not - there can be another suggestions.



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