F-Secure Rescue CD and Definitions on the same USB?


I have installed F-Secure Rescue CD 3.16 on a bootable USB Stick.
That works fine.
The problem is that the PC has no internet connection. So i need to store  the newest definitions(fsdbuupdate9-packed.run) on a usb stick. Is ist possible to store the new definitions on  the bootable stick too or do i need another usb stick?


Thank you for your answers!


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    Sorry for my reply.


    Does RescueCD User Guide  can be useful there? Or your certain situation not covered by this article?



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    No, not really.

    I already read this document. It isn´t specified whether the new definitions must be stored on a extra usb or it is possible to store the definitions on the same usb as the bootable iso file

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    I'm not friendly with USB devices (so there should be some troubles), but article has next "part":



    If you do not want to use the CD, you can make a bootable USB drive that has  the whole rescue CD content.


    Where description about creating fresh bootable USB drive (not like handling current USB-as-the-bootable-iso-file);


    And when "bootable USB drive" is created - there available steps like:


    7. Download the Rescue CD updates to the USB drive to make a fully self-contained drive that does not require any network access. Follow the  instructions in the previous section for more information.


    And this sounds, at least, as potential ability to do things.. what you want.


    Does there any difference about your 'setting'?

    Maybe if you able to add "Updates"-files to your current USB -> potentially next so called "instructions in the previous section for more information" noted under previous quote: 


    Alternative method 

    You can download and copy the latest databases to an USB drive manually. Follow these instructions to download the latest databases: 1. On a healthy computer with Internet access, Insert an empty USB drive. 2. Open http://download.f-secure.com/latest/ fsdbupdate9-packed.run with your web browser. Your web browser asks you what you want to do with the file in the web site. 3. Choose to save the file to your computer. 4. After the web browser has finished downloading the file, go to the directory where you downloaded the fsdbupdate9-packed.run file and copy it to the USB drive. 5. Insert this USB drive in the computer on which you want to use the Rescue CD. 6. Follow the basic instructions on how to use the Rescue CD.

    Previously under community was topics about this concern. And maybe with not visible "sorted"-steps. So - I not sure - if there any changes or it indeed not work. Will be good - if there comes official response from F-Secure Staff; 




    // and probably it also possible to use "two" USB too (as option - if required);

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