kill switch

Seems that f-secure does not offer customer service...  


Is there such a thing as ' kill switch'  to keep my connexion safe when vpn is offline ?   Can this happen without my notice ?




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    Hi zeelandnet,


    You can get in touch with our customer support team through the various channels mentioned in this page. Did you have any trouble getting in touch with our support team?


    Regarding the kill switch, there is a post already in our Freedome board here. There are no immediate plans to implement a killswitch in Freedome.

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    Yep, as much as i love Mikko, & want to supprt F-Secure, I'll be replacing Freedome directly after posting this reply, simply because according to "Ben" F-secure has no intention of implementing the kill switch feature.

    Frankly, i am very dissapointed. This seems to me to be lazy, uninspired, and quite unsafe.

    Do what you wish with this post... I'll be finding a better security!

    For the Freedome replacement, very much has my current attention

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    You can do it with little snitch app. 

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    it was rude of me to drop into this forum and spew my attitude this morning, & for this, I am truly sorry, & offer my genuine apology. It's just that my connection with Freedome kept dropping this morning & i heard the alerts & became curious as to what was going on. Fortunately for me, I don't hack (because it is illegal...) nor do I torrent.. but I AM a wiseass hacktivist fanboi & so have too often drawn undesired attention upon myself, what with my trolling the NSA && SamuraiLucy && Jester && Weev && Cher && CassandraRules before... with the result too often being>>> my entire network flipping me the bird...... Again: it was rude to come in & act so self-righteous in here , but this is 2017 & i just sort of expected a kill switch... perhaps my biggest mistake wasn't straight up going back to linux because i wanted to keep all my shiny MSI buttons fully functional... With this said, & to your point: little snitch is apparently IOS only, and alternatives for microsoft appear to have issues, among other things: firewall configs. Since I am an idiot, & like the easy way out i think i'll just go back to Whonix on a linux host & deal with all the sites that restrict Tor & slow~buffered internet porn, which the way I grew up with it anyways.... kindly yours, & with real apology, Derek L.
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    F Secure should add a kill switch.


    HOWEVER, I understand they have a new router device which can route all traffic via the VPN, but it's not out yet.

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    For all the times I've heard Mikko use the term "attack surface"... I should think it would behoove the company he works for & so proudly represents to keep their clients 'attack surface' as small (or in this case: stealthed & hidden as much as possible... but, of course,  this is just my opinion.....It seems to me if Snitchmyass & PIA can do code a kill~switch ( AND DO!) that for certain people (such as myself)  they place their **bleep**ty little products at a competitive advantage over better & more reputable  companies such as this one ( which happens to be one which I would very much like to fall in love with...)  but, i digress, as usual....

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