Location behavior appears to have changed after upgrade to v1.18.3656.0

rjstephan Posts: 5 New Member

I have been a subscriber since mid-April, 2017.  I have been through a couple of upgrades on my Windows 10 Home Edition laptop (that is used primarily in a wired docking station to a LinkSys WRT1200AC router).  This most recent FREEDOME upgrade seems to have changed the location behavior - and not in a good way.   I primarily use only the reccommeded location (which for me is USA-South).  However, I've noticed that since the upgrade, two things seem different:  1) the location changes after a period of time (usually to the Netherlands) and 2) when I change back to a US location, IP address location services disagree with FREEDOME's location (I need to change the FREEDOME location at least 1 more before the locations agree).  For example, today I logged into my credit card and they immediately send me a secuiry email that I had logged in from outside the US.  I checked FREEDOME and the location was in the US .  I then changed to another US location (West Coast) and Whoer reported New York.  It was not until I changed to Pacific Northwest that Whoer also showed the location as Seattle.  Can you please explain this behavior that I never observed in previous releases?


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