Search Filter ignored after data refresh

TheoGray Posts: 17 Explorer

This is a common situation a friend is hitting and finding it quite frustrating.


Steps to reproduce:

- On Device A, update some data in KEY (e.g. add a new password)


- On Device B

  1. Unlock KEY
  2. Start typing in search to filter down the entries
  3. The data will refresh due to the change on Device A
  4. Even though the search shows what was typed in step #2, the whole list is displayed rather than being filtered


Request: Once the data has been refreshed, please re-instate the search filter automatically rather than user having to go back to search box and change the search text.


During data refresh, it might also be useful to overlay with some sort of "Loading..." animation as the user/pwd Copy buttons can't be clicked and the rest of the UI is locked during this (short) time.


  • -Dan-
    -Dan- Posts: 1 New Member

    Our customers are also finding this bug realy annoying. We tipicaly get the complaint: "I log in and start  typing in the search box and then my search text dissapears and I have to start all over again" 

    Another comment we get alot is: "it would great if the seach also searched usernames, web addresss and notes" - would it be possible to add an advanced search button to do this?