Download of files on to my laptop failed

I am trying to load F-Secure on my laptop after also loading it onto my phone and ipad successfully. I keep receiving the message that the download failed and suggested i check my internet access is ok (which it definitely is). I was previously a Kaspersky user but my subscription was due to end in a few days so I decided to uninstall this from the laptop before attempting the installation of F-Secure. What do I need to do? I currently have no protection and am worried.

I regret anything I need to do must be explained very simply as I am 65 years of age and not very savy with the technical side of computing. I'm just a userwho can cope as long as nothing goes wrong.


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    Which operating system is on the laptop?  F-Secure no longer supports Windows XP, or pre-SP2 Vista, so it will not install on those systems.  


    If that's not the issue, then it's possible that Kaspersky hasn't been fully removed, so I would suggest that you run their uninstallation tool, which you should be able to find from the link below, reboot, then try the F-Secure download again.  


    Uninstallation Tools

  • Thanks for that i'll give the uninstallation tool a try. The laptop is running on Windows 10 at the moment

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    If you still have problems after running the Kaspersky uninstallation tool, then try running the F-Secure Uninstallation Tool which will remove any damaged or part installed F-Secure files, then reboot and reinstall FS.  Unfortunately this sort of thing is quite common when transferring from one Security Suite to another.

  • Hi Simon 


    Thanks for the further information. I tried the uninstallation apps yesterday and although I'm sure they helped I was still getting the same message so I sought help from the techs at F-Secure and ended up lowing Seth to take over my laptop remotely. Not sure exactly what he did but he did get it working. It did appear that certain of my settings needed to be changed but wouldn't know which I'm afraid.

    Thanks for your efforts, however.

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