Maybe someone knows about the affiliate program

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Hello, I know you have an affiliate system, whether it spreads to Russian users. We started a new Russian project
Sample test pages:






Thanks in advance for the answer!


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    Do you talk about this: ?


    If yes -> there probably another meanings; and also they provided "mail" for contact;

    I'm not a official F-Secure staff; So, it will be only my suggestions and some points:


    --> If you indeed decided to launch some kind of project;

    And there is portal as software-review/catalogue/tech product reviews and potential downloads-source (as some of known websites can be);


    And there is not a trick or try to perform some rogue/scam actions, of course;


    I able to advice some things:


    ---> Maybe based on your hosting/server - your domain (or IP of domain) can be marked as harmful-page;

    Or maybe - if you perform kind of 'promote' service by publishing posts and replies under different boards. It also can be marked as "spam"-activity and your website can be marked as "harmful" or suspicious page;

    If it not like that -> you have to re-check such meanings and avoid "blacklisted" for your project. Of course, since you want to do good useful resource for some users;

    Also - good to be sure that your page can not be hacked or exploited by someone else (so, you have to perform kind of proper protection for your users and for your own configuration);


    ---> How I can to understand - your project about a lot of different software.

    About most of "common" popular browsers, tools, media, security and other software. So - I able to suspect that it can be partly automated. If it like that - maybe better to "listed" only certain software... but with more "proper" content.

    If it not like that and you manually fill the project database... so probably you have to taking more time for "filling" the content.


    Since based on your three examples about F-Secure IS/AV/Freedome -> (not sure.. since there is local content and a lot of content) but most likely there partly outdated content/description; partly confusing content; partly 'double'-content;


    I mean next ones:


    --> your description can be as translation from another source. And this source not really with "good" description for solution;

    --> you have some notes about price/license. So with "Thirty days" (under F-Secure IS) and "price for five days" (under F-Secure Freedome) can be "confusing";

    Since -> F-Secure IS possible to buy with certain package; or possible to use it as trial-time (Thirty days) for free;

    --> currently some of information can be outdated; Supported platform or features. So good to use source of description: "official" company website or based on own research/re-check;

    What main ask there about kind of affiliate program (Downloads/Purchases)? As your potential design for project - where will be "less advertisements" for users?

    Maybe you able to re-check noted link (firstly); Or re-check some other resources under official F-Secure page. Not sure about "response" under community about certain meanings; But maybe there will be any official responses from F-Secure staff;


    Even there probably can be "high" resources for hosting (and proper configuration for it);

    But if you indeed want to do (and did it) good service (and there is not a rogue/scam trick) --> maybe good to start from "perfect content as possible" and then about "affiliate" (if required);

    Since - if you develop kind of project with quite cool quality - it can be just as your own good research and study; It can be much more interesting than some other things.

    Also - maybe there possible to contribute to related projects (since maybe they already with stable view) or re-edit certain 'design of service' under your project for something more specific; Just as for more "performance";


    Sorry for my reply.



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    Thanks for the response and advice. I learned that the affiliate program is only for the following countries: Denmark


    France and many other things, but Russia is not among them. But thanks

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