Safe Search notification broken


The safe search notification is not working. The one that asks me to turn on safe search. I'm a web developer and it wants to turn on for Firefox Developer Edition, which obviously I don't want. I have 4 options.

Help - The button that led me here

Turn On - Not that I want to, but it doesn't work. Click it and nothing happens.

Postpone - I assume this makes the pop updisappear for a bit and reappear sometime in the future

No Thanks - I would assume this makes the pop upgo away forever. It doesn't.


Anyone know how to stop this pop upfrom appearing. It comes at the most inopportune times.


  • Ukko
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    You able to re-check this topic:


    Where we did not get feedback about situation (another user was also with this stuck); And where was some suggestions/meanings;

    As additional suggestions (and repeat advice) to previous topic:


    --> maybe you able try to contact F-Secure Support Channels (chat):


    What if they able to provide certain tool for your build of F-Secure SAFE/IS;

    Or if they able to provide proper official 'supported' steps to remove such prompt manually;


    --> if another browser under system with installed "Safe Search" -> as temporary workaround - I able to suggest re-change "Firefox Developer Edition" from default browser status; As try;

    also probably pop-up should not be totally with random times (but based on "session" start and maybe with "time"-delay between them);



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