F-secure safe Andoird application improvements

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I have been using the applicaition now 6 months. The performance has been "passable". It was possible to block usage of some applications and set time limit for some applications. That way key feature why I poruchased the product. Safe browser functionality has been really poor also Finder has been functional only randomly.


Latest application update removed only functinal features which was left on there. E.g. setting time limit for application usage and restricting some application usage. Now the application is useless for me and I discontinued my subscription.


Below is the feature set which I would like to see and pay for:

- select applications which belongs to time limited group

-- time limit resolution 10 mins or smaller (was 30mins and after update 15mins)

-- separate timelimit for weekdays and weekend (got after udpate)

-- define when time limited applications can be used

- select application swhich belongs to restricted group

-- I must be able to deny usage of google play movies (since there adult trailers can be seen from there) face book, etc.Also need to deny access to phone settings. etc.

- For some applications there should not be time limit at all, phone calls, text messages, calculator, map, etc.



-browser. I cannot even open f-secure web page when security settings are set to block all.

--whilelist for web pages. Now cannot access to many sites which are OK.

--support that can be logged in with google account so search results can be seen later from google account web page.



--Just make it working advice to use serice google is providing.


I really hope that you can make improvements for your application.