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my subscription expires in 12 days and I currently have 2 devices. I want to renew but want to change to 3 devices. It will not give me this option. I was informed by f secure team that i need to renew at 2 and upgrade to abother licence but no one could tell me the cost of this


Can anyone advise at all ?  I dont really want to create a new account in order to place another order






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    I'm also user of F-Secure solutions (mainly their home solutions);


    Since F-Secure (Support?) team did not explain it with enough information (for you) - not sure that my reply with some suggestions will be useful there:


    --> Do you mean that you have one subscription/package as "TWO devices / SOME years"?

    What F-Secure solution there? F-Secure SAFE (since you noted "account")?

    Or maybe it provided by your ISP?

    Maybe it was available previously, but on current time for F-Secure SAFE there can be option only as "up to Three devices" (like one/two/three) and not like "two devices" (or one device) package;

    Generally this design also valid for F-Secure IS/AV (but where additionally to "up to Three devices" -> also available option "one device");

    F-Secure SAFE also with options about "more devices" (five and more);


    OR do you mean that you have two subscriptions/packages as "ONE device / SOME years"?

    And it merged to "one subscription-licence"? Not sure - if it possible with F-Secure SAFE, but maybe with F-Secure AV/IS;


    --> About price for "design", which F-Secure (Support?) team suggested:

    Probably it should be as "price" for "renew" your current subscription (Two Devices?! package) and... package for one licence;

    Maybe it will be 'at renew' process as option to "add one additional device" to your current subscription; So - there can be any 'reduced' prices for that (or you able to re-check prices under your local F-Secure website);


    --> With official F-Secure website (you have to switch page to your local F-Secure website for getting proper local price for solutions):

    there should be visible 'package'-options and 'price'-count;

    What for "renew", where possible any 'discounts' or 'additional options' (like "one else device") - there can be difference. And there good to know about your current setting (based on two previous points) - since I not sure.... maybe there just indeed more nice to buy fresh F-Secure subscription package, where you will be with "Up To Three Devices" (one/two/three devices) covered under one subscription;

    And if fresh account - not an option... there probably anyway required support from F-Secure Direct channels for proper clarification about ability to save your account - but with another 'package' (or so):


    Sorry for my reply! Smiley Sad



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    Thankyou for your reply.

    I will try and explain but my tech savy is not that great im affraid!


    I have F-Secure SAFE on one subscription with two devices attached(i have two licences). I wanted to add another device but there is no option on the renewal without purchasing the two device package first.

    I didnt want to renew and find out the cost of an extra licence was going to be over priced



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    I see.


    So, if you have "active" F-Secure SAFE subscription (two devices) -> maybe you able to try ask F-Secure Support (chat/phone) about "upgrade" your subscription to "Up to Three devices"-package/subscription;


    And then renew "this fresh"-subscription (probably... where price should be as for current "renewal" or "first price" of F-Secure SAFE '1-3 devices' package);

    My suggestion based on next Knowledgebase article:


    Where explained situation - when user want to upgrade subscription-package ('Five devices') to more-devices-package ('Seven devices'); There explained price for such "upgrade" during active-subscription-time;

    And then -> explained "price" for renew it;


     Since with your situation (if F-Secure team did not provide proper advice):

    - there indeed not clear about 'price' for another licence (but also - not clear - how it will be available);

    - maybe there wil be proper official response under community (later);


    Sorry for my suggestions! Maybe you able to try ask Support about it (while there missing any official responses from F-Secure staff under community);



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