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Hi, I am useing the server location of Hong Kong(IP:, When I browse website, eg. Google, Yahoo. They will redirect me to Sigarpore website, not Hong Kong. And when I browse some Hong Kong's newspaper website, the website will alert me in Sigarpore, disable my browse. How come Hong Kong sever is a Sigarpore IP address? Can you fix this issue?


Thank You!


  • NäsäviisasNäsäviisas Posts: 780
    More information for Super_An

    I was learning mentioned IP address by Google search (what is ...)

    The results: Hong Kong, city Singapore, country & city

    I have no more details.
    Only one thought came into my mind:
    Is this a temporary interruption OR
    is the reason, that Hong Kong belongs to region of China? Hong Kong is very important business centre and therefore needs good connections. But this is my own analysis.

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    Hi Super_An,


    We have an article explaining in detail about this. Please have a look.

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    You have two result. Singapore, country & city


    Hong Kong  belongs to region of China, but not Singapore.


    Can F-Secure fix the issue?

  • Super_AnSuper_An Posts: 12
    That means you don't going to fix this issue?
    That is a serious problem for me, it will affect my daily work
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    There was an explanation in LAKSHs text about IP-ADDRESS.

    You could test this way:
    Clean computers browsers memory, history and cookies
    and then change location in Freedom > Hong Kong and then go to Hong Kong websites.

    And the same steps, when going to Singapore.


  • Super_AnSuper_An Posts: 12

    SAME Result.

    I am sure that's problems is not only for me.

    All device have same issue.


    Please fix it! Thanks!

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Super_An,


    I am checking on this with the team. Once I have a response, I will get back to you.

  • Super_AnSuper_An Posts: 12
    This is a Serious Problem, Hope can fix soon. Thank you for your attention!
  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Super_An,


    We checked with our product team and the Hong Kong virtual location is indeed pointing to the correct location Hong Kong instead of Singapore. Are you still facing this issue?


  • Super_AnSuper_An Posts: 12

    YES. My all device is located Singapore!

  • Super_AnSuper_An Posts: 12
    YES. My all device are located in Singapore! How Come?
  • NäsäviisasNäsäviisas Posts: 780
    Wait for answer of LAKSH and his TEAM,

    With greetings
  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Super_An,


    We would like to have more information on this issue so that we can test it further.


    1. After you're connected to Freedome’s virtual location “Hong Kong”, what is the IP address seen?

    2. What country does it show when using a site like “” or “”?

    3. Is it only certain websites that redirect you to Hong Kong or is it all? If you can provide some examples, would be helpful to test.

    4. Is it only happening on a certain device? If yes, which device?

  • Super_AnSuper_An Posts: 12


    2) Hong Kong Hong Kong Singapore Singapore


    3) will redirect to


    All device (iMAC, iPhone, PC Windoes 10)with Freedome and turn on with Location: Hong Kong

    If turn off Freedome, google do not redirect to SG

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  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Super_An,


    When testing geolocation using these few sites, they might use another third-party IP geolocation database and in some cases, it may be mismatched with each other.

    Example: Like the linked site “” vs “”

    Google may also have their own or third-party geolocation database. Sites like “” will check the IP against 5 geolocation database providers.

  • Super_AnSuper_An Posts: 12

    Hey, Are you means your company don't want to fix it?

  • Super_AnSuper_An Posts: 12

    NO Reply?

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