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Not sure if it's a  coincidence, but since changing the password on our virgin router  the other day, we now have a virus or malware on the pic and don't now how to get rid of it. The cursor moves on it own by jumping about the screen and spots of different sizes pulsate randomly, if the mouse cursor goes across a desk top icon it will open it several times. It also does this if we try to control the cursor ourselves trying to access webpages sometimes it will open 2-10 at a time, then we can't believe close them down Any ideas to get rid of please



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    Sorry for my reply.


    So - if there is not any tweaks for 'mouse'-settings;


    There can be general suggestions as:


    --> run Full Scan by your security solution under system;

    --> maybe by some other tools too (like Adwcleaner by Malwarebytes);


    --> re-check browser's addons/extension and maybe list of installed software under system; If there something suspicious;

    --> if you suspect that Router is related with strange activities - maybe you have to re-check settings/configuration under Router;


    --> since it not clear about descriptions - does it something "automatical" or even... "remote access"; So, good to contact direct support for your security solution (VirginMedia/F-Secure if so);

    They maybe able to investigate situation much more "properly";

    --> another advice can be as using kind of RescueCD/LiveCD (some security companies provide it) as scan your system; It will be helpful in some situations;


    Good if there will be more good advices than my suggestions; Also good - if you will back with replies and maybe you already did Full Scan (does it found something?!);



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    To Tigerbrad

    1. You could check mouse settings, every point, are they right. Is there some reason, why the cursor has been crazy.

    2. I made Google search: Virgin Router,
    and Virgin Media tells 800.000 users to change passwords over hub hacking...
    ( and many other news.


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