SAFE has a problem with

The four referenced systems are as follows, with all drives being SSDs:
 - FS: F-Secure SAFE on W-7 64-bit
 - FA: F-Secure Antivirus on W-7 64-bit
 - BM: Bitdefender Free and Malwarebytes Pro 2.x on W-7 64-bit
 - FL: Fedora Linux 25


Up until I installed SAFE, I had no trouble logging in to I would go to and click on "Log In" (on the screen with people videos), on the next screen enter my email address and password and click on "Log In," and I would be transported to the screen which displays statistics. This worked fine on FA, BM, and FL, though with hindsight I now realize that with FA there was a multi-second delay getting to the screen which displays statistics.


As soon as I installed FS, the browser tab would freeze before reaching Weebly's statistics screen. So I started playing with SAFE settings. I turned-off Antivirus and Deepguard and I was able to get to the statistics screen. I don't remember how I did it, but with some combinations of settings, I got to the statistics screen but it then froze. Turning off everything also enabled me to get to the statistics screen. Then I uninstalled SAFE and accessing all Weebly screens became very fast. All this time I was able to use BM and FL with no delays (FA's subscription had expired).


Clearly SAFE has a problem with Weebly.


P.S. F-Secure's support for the U.S. could be much better. I tried to use chat, but saw a message similar to "No chat lines are available; try again later." I would have expected to be put into a queue. Then I called, but that was not a pleasant experience. The voice quality was typical for VOIP from India, i.e. the sound quality was no better than if the agent and I were connected via empty soup cans with a string between them. When I explained my problem, the agent accessed and then announced that everything was fine, obviously not understanding that a login was involved.


  • Simon
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    Have you tried this...?


    Submit Sample

  • Ukko
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    Maybe F-Secure SAS can be useful only if there is known "URL/application" which blocked;

    Quite possible that some "background"-resources can be blocked by F-Secure (there can be multiple steps to find them);

    It should be suspected there - since you noted that F-Secure AV with normal view (where Browsing Protection module - not installed) ;


    But - since your description about "freeze"-tab (and helpful/useful step with disabling AV/DeepGuard settings - while there can be also "Firewall"-tab as additional tab compare to F-Secure AV);

    Maybe there long delay based on some scripts/resources or other - which scanned by F-Secure; I did not reproduce situation with my own experience (since - I did not publish website and did not get ability reach "statistics page");


    If you able to re-check it else one time - maybe there good to see "if disabling" Browsing Protection (harmful-rated websites option) is helpful (or not); Or as small check with another browser (if trouble repeated with any of them);


    What about Support - my own opinion -> it will be not useful until you (user) have to reach them (Support) when you find some troubles; And not they (Support) reach you (user) before this (or during this);

    Generally - you should not get any troublesituations - even Support is available and able to help you;

    I think that good that you noted your feedback - most likely it will be "handled" by Community Managers;

    But for proper result - I think that you have to noted it two-three-four times else; Smiley Sad

    Also - concerned "" -> it possible that it blocked as harmful (false positive for common things; and not for some of other);
    There was previously such topic -
    While it should be marked as false-positive -> such harmful-rating probably based on exploiting by some users this service for some malicious and suspicious reasons; Not sure why F-Secure Labs do not monitor services like more properly for avoid additional-false-positive detections for this domain (or their resources); IF THERE indeed trouble with Browsing Protection module and not some other;

    So - maybe also good to re-check (not likely  - since it should be known for you)  that your website (created by weebly) is not marked as harmful;

    Sorry for my reply;




  • PC-Cobbler
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    Yes, but the submittal system is not designed for a case like mine, not to mention those annoying ambiguous captcha tests which go on and on.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi PC-Cobbler,


    Glad that you shared your support contact issue with us. I have passed on your feedback to our support team so that they can look on your feedback.

  • Ukko
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    I able to add that, at least with my experience, next URL marked as harmful:



    It was visible under "Recent events" (dated to topic-start timestamp) and on current time such URL also marked as harmful-rated (blocked);


    Just as feedback (not sure - if it should be related with your trouble - since blocked only this direct URL; but maybe there some another examples with statistics-page);

  • PC-Cobbler
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    VirusTotal shows that URL to be okay, with only ParetoLogic showing it to be malware, but I think ParetoLogic's business model is to show many sites to contain malware. F-Secure does not appear to participate in VirusTotal.

  • PC-Cobbler
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    F-Secure support told me that everything is fine, even though they admitted that they did not actually test it with a Weebly account. I won't be buying SAFE as a result.

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