Browser extension is not installed or is turned off

After installing SAFE on a recently rebuilt W-7 system, a message appears on the dashboard, "Browser extension is not installed or is turned off." But when I look at Settings -> Browser extensions, "Keep the extensions turned on" is checked. Why is this setting out-of-sync?


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    You have to to re-check status of extension under default browser (Internet Explorer or your another browser which marked as default for system);

    It possible that "first run/enabling of extension" should be allowed by user. Because F-Secure extension is not 'unwanted addon' (which unexpectedly and silently installed);


    If Browser Protection-extension is enabled under browser. It possible that Main UI not refreshed some minutes. Maybe it possible to re-trigger state by some navigation across UI; or by time (even by restart system);




    // Later added: but maybe you mean that "Keep the extensions turned on"-option just do not work?

    Maybe there indeed can be trouble - since it was always 'not clear' option for me -> but there was some of proper explanations (which I did not re-find and already not sure - if it was there?!);


    I thought about it as additional option for "Reinstall extension"-step; There was such feature previously (current stable SAFE and technology preview with dropped such point after TP179);

    Or maybe for reinstall browser (which I did not try - since it supported only for two browsers - which I usually did not reinstall); But based on some of meanings - maybe it still work;


    Also there was 'troublepoint'-stuck with this view, but it probably fixed (?!) already;


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    Thanks again, Ukko.


    I rebooted a few times and logged in to all users and started all browsers (IE and Firefox). The problem disappeared. I think it was only a timing problem.

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