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I'm a Freedome user but today I logged into Safe, I had forgotten my password and when I returned my login text was in Russian. Marketing or something else? 


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.


    What is "login text"?


    Text under "My F-Secure Account" portal -> https://my.f-secure.com/login ? Or text-letter after using "recovery password"-option?



  • Fogeli
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    The first option. 

  • Ukko
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    This page should (or able) to use system's language by browser-feature ability (if it allowed by system-settings).

    Or it possible by using VPN.


    If you did not use VPN-location or it totally not expected such localization --> so maybe you directly opened page from certain resource or website?!


    Since language under this page possible to re-change by certain key... like this:






    Where you able to re-change locale parameter to your one.

    With your experience it possible to open page by next URL:

    https://my.f-secure.com/home?locale=ru_RU and then there can be stuck with "cache".


    Since - I not sure about potential steps before/after.... do you able to re-check next points:


    --> What localization will be opened by next page:



    there should be redirect to local website, which F-Secure think there for your configuration;


    --> If there wrong (for you) detection - do you able to re-check with another browser (if it installed under your system)?

    there anyway such localization?


    --> Does it can be workaround if you manually re-change localization under My F-Secure Account portal page?


    By noted previously "URL"-key or under right-bottom part of page there should be "location"-dropdown - where you able to choose your one;


    Sorry for long reply.

    With my experience - there can be proper view about it; So - maybe you able to re-check previous meanings or maybe there possible to contact F-Secure Support directly (when it available);



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    Moved the topic to English forum.

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