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comprehensive list of virus outbreaks that have occured in the past 30 days, 90 days, and the past year?


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    It will be not an answer, but just as some URLs (which probably should be known for you) -> because probably your ask  about general and certain view (not only detection by F-Secure and not about all kind of malicious/harmful threats); Will be good if there comes better response from more experienced users or F-Secure team.



    Where first link can be useful for some "large known" situations (and where possible to get additional resources, where possible to get statistics and information with your ask-meanings);

    And second link as real-time count - which generally possible to use daily (maybe);


    With other meanings (if there not required something from F-Secure; also because... probably... only F-Secure Team able to provide and create some proper advices) -> do you have any experience about popular known resources (?!) and it was not enough (since there maybe available some of them with potential nice view)?



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    Hi Dongie,


    As Ukko has mentioned, you can find the incidents calendar for 2017 and 2016 here. There is also a page for the recently published threat descriptions here.


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