Can we expect any updates on XFence in the future?

We didn't receive any update or any activities since release month ago!


Seems dead, so can someone give a quick answer on this?


  • pajp
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    Sorry for the late reply. The short answer is: yes, you can expect updates in the future.


    Longer answer: we're simultaneously working on integrating XFENCE into our other Mac products. This is a process that takes quite a bit of engineering effort to get right. However we're also going to provide updates for the standalone XFENCE beta, as well as Little Flocker.

    Thanks for your patience and for trying the XFENCE beta!

    - Rasmus, F-Secure R&D

    Rasmus Sten

    F-Secure Technology, Mac Team

  • anonymouz4
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    Thank you for the answer!


    By the way, what other Mac products are you referring to?

    And if I understand this right, do you suggest that XFence won't be released as standalone product?

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